No Need to Fear Rejection.

I believe we were meant to live with our heart on our sleeve, to love unconditionally, and show kindness to everyone. Two of the main reasons I find people do not love so much is because they do not feel the person is worthy or they fear rejection of love. Yes, rejection is painful, and I will not deny the world’s view of rejection is quite devastating. This is because when pieces of ourselves that were not meant to give to another person, another human, are rejected by them and lost it pains us deeper than we can comfort ourselves, deeper than we can reach to hold and hug tight. It’s more painful than anything this world can offer to medicate; it simple has to be ignored. We call that numbing; it is not a fix, rather it just covers up that loss long enough to move on to the next thing when really the pain was initiated to notify us there was something wrong. So many things offer the numbing effect like: technology, replacements, drugs and prescriptions. Things like sarcasm, cynicism, and defeat who are the symptoms not of a heart positioned to hope and dream again, but rather a mind unyielding conditioned by a poverty mentality. The belief that perpetuates a belief of lack, that there is not enough, and hopelessness. And if we’re not careful, when it sets in who we truly are begins to die.


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