The race. 

This race takes time, some call it a marathon, some want it to be a sprint. But I know one thing: growth isn’t meant to happen over night. 

I didn’t realize how much patience I didn’t have until my Aunt told me to be patient while I was curiously wondering, “What is he doing?”. “I am patient,” I thought to myself slightly confused. Maybe she sensed it; but for me it was one of those moments where the resignation of the moment felt like she had heard my thoughts. My thoughts boomeranged back a day later about the situation and I realized I really did need more patience.

A bit intimidated with the idea of working in a special-Ed classroom for middle school kids with severe autism, sheepishly I joined one of my cousins at my Unt’s classroom on a free day after summer break began. I ended up enjoying it and seeing a special bond made between the students and teachers. 

There is a 3:2 student to teacher ratio because the kids require much more one-on-one attention.  But the most beautiful thing about the day was that I realized a new aspect of love. Love is an imperative part of the human being. We are created in the image of God and the Bible reminds us many times: “God is Love.” And so easy to forget what true love is when we get caught up in daily & pre-scheduled activities, but God the master creator like any proud artist has left His mark in all His works. Even amidst the hustle and bustle, if you take time to stop and look, you will find him in the most interesting things. That day I saw Love in the eyes of the boy who lived giving hugs when he noticed the teachers getting stressed. I saw Love in the laughter of another student who was joyful in every task he was give to do. And I watched Love at work as the second teacher stopped what she was doing to sit with a girl frustrated that day. She reminded her who she was and how smart and capable she was to do the assignment. To stop just for one is seen rarely in our public school system today, and this simple act showed more than care because his teacher stopped to speak into the student’s identity.

Choose a challenge:

  1. Think of what Love looked like to you this week and then share with someone? (And ask them the same question in return)
  2. Ask God who needs to see Him in action as love, and then be the hands and feet that bless another by the act of Love. 

…and then come share what happened!


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