Stay in Grace

This week we are talking about grace. Many people do not fully understand grace the way that God wants them to receive it as a gift from Him. When we read the Bible, many times people read them as an instruction booklet. Many times the Bible is referred to as the instruction book for life; because of that there is a widespread misconception. The Bible is a story of Jesus. As you read challenge yourself to look for Jesus in the scriptures. It is important that the message does not focus on works, self, or some form of guilt bringing ideas. In John 14:6 Jesus explains that He is truth.
If you read John 5:39 Jesus says,

“You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life.
ut the Scriptures point to Me!”

In a study called Awake to Righteousness by Connie Witter she explains, “When we read the Scriptures and take the focus off of Jesus and what He’s done for us, and instead focus on ourselves and what we need to do for Him, we become confused.”
The truth is when Jesus died on the cross for us everything was paid for and the gift of a new identity in what Jesus Christ did for us was placed within our reach. This is great news! Now we can become victorious conquerors because of who we are in Christ. Connie also said, “As we realize who we are in Jesus, we are empowered to love one another just like Jesus loves us.”


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